On December 22, sea bright group invited hundreds of media in NATREGRO ecological health food industry opening ceremony and lead media friends to visit the new built NATREGRO of agricultural products in laboratory tests, and invited our company as "mil sink construction on behalf of the project and laboratory experts in the field, accompanied by participation in the whole process.

As the largest copper processing enterprises, HAILIANG holding three listed companies, 2013 output value of over one hundred billion. NATREGRO is a new area of HAILIANG in the education, real estate, finance, environmental protection  and other industries to enter another new area.

NATREGRO for China's "first brand of fresh featuring high-end health food industry chain", meeting this goal, our expert team of the company and NATREGRO researchers after many rounds of discussions, and gradually establish a agricultural inspection laboratory project solutions and implementation details, build a successful Chinese agricultural products testing laboratory model, leading the development of the industry.