NORI hired experts set up a team of technical advisers  BACK NEWS CENTER

NORI attaches great importance to high-level talent team construction, to always grasp the most advanced laboratory construction technology as the core, continue to forge ahead, to take culture based, supplemented by the introduction, taking into account the employment "of various forms to strengthen high-level professional talent team construction.

Thus, we formally established the expert advisory team in November 2014, the following is a member of the panel:

      - Director of physical and chemical testing center

      - Director of agricultural product testing center

      - TUV Rhine General Manager

      - SGS general standard director

      - Director of ITS

      - Director of Syngenta

      - Dr. Of Syngenta

Nori responsible person pointed out, several distinguished experts to join, will give our laboratory design, construction level of overall enhance bring positive influence, has important historical significance of the event.