Job description:
1, the establishment of operational standards, a clear construction process, to develop the work sequence of each job, so that the construction of an orderly;
2, under the guidance of construction engineers, in strict accordance with the construction organization design and construction progress of construction;
3, according to the design requirements, operation procedures and assessment standards to the production team of technology, safety;
4, the drawings and construction problems in time to solve the problem;
5, the supervision of the construction process, quality, raw material testing, based, intermediate structure and hidden project acceptance, the engineering data collection and collation, building location, etc.;

1. Bachelor degree or above in electric power, electrical background and above, and hold the intermediate or above technical title;
2, familiar with the country's power laws, regulations and operating procedures;
3, there is a building electrical installation site construction experience;
5, strong sense of responsibility, hard work, good team spirit and communication skills;